About Us


Future Of Fish and Future Of Forests combine together with dedicated professionals and the community in forming Our Planet Group, with a focus on early child care education.


Together we create opportunity and projects to help educate and raise awareness for humanitarian and environmental need, anywhere on Our Planet.


Working with local and international business, Government and communities we envisage a better way of life where indigenous peoples and local community needs are respected and prioritised in life.


We seek to provide a hand-up in life through a community circle method, which enables the most powerful opportunity for people to survive and thrive.


Our Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) commitment includes eductaion, our environment, health systems strengthening, agricultural research and development, law and justice, construction water and sanitation, as required.


You can assist by getting involved in activities, creating and delivering hands-on projects that make a difference to our communities and environment.


We welcome your contact today so we can start an uplifting happy new journey for the benefit of others.


Gary Jackson GradeCertBA JP MAICD

Founder, CEO & Chairman